I’m Martin Luxton

Communication & Public Speaking Coach

Better Intercultural Communication?

“It starts with you . . .”

For Foreigners

Thinking of moving to the UK?

Need help understanding the language, culture, the food or the weird weather?

Or just want to find out why King Charles III has two birthdays?

For English Native Speakers

Moving abroad to live, work or study?

Or living in the UK and your work involves dealing with people from other cultures?

Want to live, work or study in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia?

I have 30 years’ experience helping hundreds of workers and students prepare for their new life in English-speaking countries. Let me help you.

A Brit Working Abroad? Worried That You Might Put Your Foot In It?

We have that kind of reputation, don’t we? The cold, unfriendly bull in the China shop who just doesn’t understand foreigners. Let me tell you a little secret …

Are You A Company Based in the UK Working with a lot of Foreign Clients or Customers?

Contact me about “It Starts With You”, a fun, interactive workshop to help your team develop better cultural awareness.

Order My Book

Coming soon in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle: Why Don’t Foreigners Understand My English? An intercultural Communication Guide for Native Speakers of English.

What Is Intercultural Communication Coaching?

At the heart of Intercultural  Communication is the desire to acquire a deep understanding and respect for all cultures and, through this, to learn and grow as a person or institution. Coaching sessions are all about helping you to gain this understanding and use it in your own personal development. 

Who Is Coaching For?

Intercultural Communication coaching is for people of all backgrounds and professions who want to improve their understanding of other cultures and apply this knowledge to their personal and working lives:

  • Expat business leaders, executives, managers and employees who have to understand and communicate with people from different cultures.
  • Business people and workers in their own country who regularly come into contact with foreigners during the course of their duties.
  • Sales and marketing professionals who need more awareness to deal with customers from other cultures.
  • Public figures like politicians, activists and community leaders who want to communicate their message more effectively and connect with their audience.
  • Job seekers preparing for interviews with foreign companies.
  • Students preparing to study abroad.
  • Anybody interested in personal development who wants to better understand other cultures and their own culture.

What is The Process Like?

With all my clients I kick off using a very simple concept – Start With Yourself.

Being aware of your own culture and the different ways you communicate with the people around you is the key to understanding other cultures.

1. How do I know if your coaching is right for me?

Book a free 15-minute consultation via Zoom to discuss your needs and what you want to achieve.  Then I’ll send you a proposal based on our discussion. If you are happy with the plan, we can start working together.

2. What are the main benefits of working on my intercultural communication skills?

Intercultural communication is vital in today’s globalized world because it helps individuals bridge cultural gaps, avoid misunderstandings, and build effective relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. These skills can be applied daily in both your personal and business life.

3. What can I expect to learn in an intercultural communication session/workshop?

We typically cover topics like self-awareness, cultural awareness, empathy, effective communication strategies, and tools to navigate cultural differences.

4. Do intercultural communication sessions/workshops focus on a particular culture or region?

Yes and no. We will explore universal lessons that apply to any culture or region, but we will also look at cultural differences relevant to the attendees’ own experience. A major part of the training is developing self-awareness of your own culture before looking at how to interact with others.

5. What if English is not my first language?

I have more than 20 years’ experience as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) lecturer. I have taught public speaking skills to school children, university students and business people from all around the world so I understand different cultural approaches to public speaking. 

Intercultural Communication Coaching Packages

1-1 Coaching Package (4 hours)

Flexible, 1-1 coaching sessions based around your goals and your timetable are the perfect way to get the targeted help you need.                        Start your transformation now.

Company Workshops

Develop your team’s intercultural awareness with a bespoke half-day workshop. “It Starts With You” is a fun, interactive session, perfect for skills development and team-building.

Online Public Workshops

I run occasional, 2-hour Intercultural Communication workshops on Eventbrite. They are a shorter version of my fun, interactive company workshop, “It Starts With You”.

About Me

I worked in a wide variety of jobs (including marketing and finance) before moving into the education sector. I started out as an English language teacher but branched out into a wide variety of activities – CV trainer, Cambridge examiner, teacher trainer for major international organisations  such as the British Council, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, ghostwriter, speechwriter, blogger, video maker, spoof website builder, education consultant.

But the one thing I always enjoyed the most was helping people to improve their public speaking skills and, as so many of the people I was working with were foreigners, it also led me into the area of intercultural communication.

Which is why I am here – to help you, wherever you are from in the world, whichever language you speak, to communicate more effectively and have a more successful and fulfilling life.


“Great to work with! Exceeded my expectations. Given the tight timeline I had, I’m happy Martin was there to help!”

J.M. Toronto

Could not have asked for a better professional. Martin was a delight to work with . . .                                 

Highly recommended.

T.D. London

“Martin helped me through a lot of difficult situations and talks. I can recommend him 100% for public speaking training.”

M.A. Munich