I’m Martin Luxton

Communication & Public Speaking Coach

Helping Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs Master Public Speaking With Small Talk  and Stories

What Is A Communication Coach?

A communication coach takes a holistic overview of the different ways you communicate to ensure that all your messaging creates a positive impact.

For example, is your body language aligned with your words? Is the language you are using right for your audience. Is your vibe saying ‘judgemental’ when you want it to say ’empathetic’?

We also look at all the different situations where you intereact with people.

For example, giving a speech, managing a meeting, interacting on social media, resolving conflict, communicating with external stakeholders. 

If you don’t have a coherent message for all these channels and audiences,  your brand suffers. 

How Do Small Talk And Stories Help Us With Public Speaking?

Small talk and stories are two constants of our everyday lives.

Small talk is the ‘social lubricant’ that develops and maintains relationships.

Stories are the way we make sense of the world and pass on our knowledge to other people in an interesting and engaging way.

Just as they are the foundation stones of social interaction, small talk and stories are also the best starting point to develop communication and public speaking skills.

Because we use them every day, they are familiar communication tools and so it makes sense for them to be our building blocks when we are looking to take our speaking skills to a higher level.

They also help us to overcome a fear of talking to an audience.  Instead of seeing public speaking as a scary event facing a big audience, understanding it as just an extension of our daily conversations has a calming effect.

Public Speaking Skills Training

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Intercultural Communication

Working with people from other cultures and need to foster better understanding?

Comms 360 Review for Business Leaders

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Books, Courses and Workshops

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My Positive Communication Philosophy -20 Ways We Can Help You Make More Impact

  1. Effective Listening Skills:
    • The importance of active listening.
    • How to enhance your listening skills for better communication.
  2. Clear and Concise Communication:
    • Tips for expressing ideas clearly and avoiding misunderstandings.
  3. Non-Verbal Communication:
    • Understanding body language, gestures, and facial expressions.
  4. Empathy in Communication:
    • How to develop and express empathy for better connection.
  5. Constructive Feedback:
    • Providing feedback in a positive and constructive manner.
  6. Positive Tone and Language:
    • The impact of using positive language in communication.
  7. Cultural Sensitivity:
    • Navigating communication in diverse cultural settings.
  8. Conflict Resolution:
    • Strategies for resolving conflicts in a positive way.
  9. Building Trust:
    • The role of trust in effective communication.
  10. Mindful Communication:
    • Practicing mindfulness for more intentional communication.
  11. Assertiveness:
    • Balancing assertiveness with respect in communication.
  12. Appreciative Inquiry:
    • Focusing on positive aspects and strengths in conversations.
  13. Team Communication:
    • Techniques for fostering positive communication within teams.
  14. Emotional Intelligence:
    • Developing emotional intelligence for better interpersonal skills.
  15. Adapting Communication Styles:
    • Adjusting communication based on the situation and audience.
  16. Conflict Avoidance vs. Management:
    • When to avoid conflict and when to address it proactively.
  17. Humor in Communication:
    • Using humor effectively without causing offense.
  18. Social Media Etiquette:
    • Positive communication guidelines for online platforms.
  19. Building Positive Relationships:
    • Nurturing relationships through positive communication.
  20. Communication in Leadership:
    • The role of positive communication in effective leadership.


5 Goals of Positive Communication

Encouraging and Supportive Dialogue:

Positive communication is a form of dialogue that emphasizes encouragement, support, and affirmation. It involves expressing thoughts and ideas in a way that uplifts and motivates others.

 Constructive and Solution-Oriented Interaction:

Positive communication involves engaging in conversations that focus on solutions rather than problems. It is about finding common ground and working together to overcome challenges.

 Optimistic and Open-Hearted Exchange:

In the realm of positive communication, individuals approach interactions with optimism and an open heart. This means fostering a hopeful atmosphere, even in difficult discussions, and maintaining a willingness to understand and be understood.

 Empathetic and Understanding Discourse:

Positive communication is characterized by empathy and understanding. It involves actively listening, acknowledging others’ perspectives, and responding with compassion, fostering a sense of connection and shared understanding.

 Promoting Harmony and Relationship-Building:

At its core, positive communication is about fostering harmony and building strong relationships. It involves using language and expressions that contribute to a positive atmosphere, nurturing connections with others, and creating a sense of unity and cooperation.

Working With Martin

1-1 Coaching Package

Flexible, 1-1 coaching sessions based around your goals and your timetable are the perfect way to get the targeted help you need.                        Start your transformation now.

Company Workshops

Develop your team’s intercultural awareness with a bespoke half-day workshop. “It Starts With You” is a fun, interactive session, perfect for skills development and team-building.

Online Public Workshops

I run occasional, communication workshops on Eventbrite. They are a shorter version of my fun, interactive company workshops.

About Me

I worked in a wide variety of jobs (including marketing and finance) before moving into the education sector. I started out as an English language teacher but branched out into a wide variety of activities – CV trainer, Cambridge examiner, teacher trainer for major international organisations  such as the British Council, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, ghostwriter, speechwriter, blogger, video maker, spoof website builder, education consultant.

But the one thing I always enjoyed the most was helping people to improve their public speaking skills and, as so many of the people I was working with were foreigners, it also led me into the area of intercultural communication.

Which is why I am here – to help you, wherever you are from in the world, whichever language you speak, to communicate more effectively and have a more successful and fulfilling life.


“Great to work with! Exceeded my expectations. Given the tight timeline I had, I’m happy Martin was there to help!”

J.M. Toronto

Could not have asked for a better professional. Martin was a delight to work with . . .                                 

Highly recommended.

T.D. London

“Martin helped me through a lot of difficult situations and talks. I can recommend him 100% for public speaking training.”

M.A. Munich