I’m Martin Luxton

Communication and Public Speaking Coach

What if speaking in public wasn’t scary?

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Scared of speaking to an audience? Overcome your fear with a series of fun and easy  exercises, practising just 15 minutes a day.

Boost Your Career With Public Speaking skills

“You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills.”                                                                                                                           Warren Buffet

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Work with me 1-1  on any area of public speaking. From building your confidence to delivering a keynote speech, I will give you the training and support you need.

Company Workshops

Inspire and motivate your team with bespoke, fun workshops that increase your bottom line by improving both internal and external communication.

Online Public Workshops

Join one of my regular 3-hour group workshops. These are on Eventbrite and they are based on the Pitching Naked 3-Step System.

Buy My Book

Pitching Naked: How to Speak Confidently in Public – A Practical 3-step Guide is available from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle ebook.

What Is Public Speaking Coaching?

Public Speaking is not just about getting up on stage in front of a big audience. Talking one-to-one to clients, running a meeting, interviewing, doing a podcast – even asking somebody to marry you – these are all forms of public speaking. Coaching sessions are all about helping you to find your unique voice and delivering an effective message, whatever your audience. 

Who Is Coaching For?

Public speaking coaching is for people of all backgrounds and professions who want to improve their communications skills and confidence when talking to an audience:

  • Business leaders, executives, managers and employees who want to improve their presentation skills for meetings, conferences and client interactions.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to pitch their ideas to investors, partners or potential clients.
  • Sales and marketing professionals who need to be more persuasive to close deals and promote products and services.
  • Public figures like politicians, activists and community leaders who want to communicate their message more effectively and connect with their audience.
  • Job seekers preparing for interviews who want to stand out and make a lasting impression.
  • Students preparing for academic presentations, debates or class discussions.
  • Introverts looking to overcome shyness and develop the confidence to express themselves in public.
  • Anybody interested in personal development who wants to boost their self-esteem and become more confident speakers.

    What is The Process Like?

    So many people say they are scared of public speaking but, actually, they are already doing it every day of their life.

    No Stage. No Tech. No Big Audience.

    Just conversations, telling stories, asking questions – all daily activities that are public speaking in all but name.

    And that’s the basis of my approach to public speaking coaching – just keep doing what you are already doing, but in a more focused and targeted  way.

    In a series of baby steps, we move from small talk and everyday stories to  speeches, pitches, networking techniques, meeting management – whatever area you need to improve on.

    Every bespoke coaching session provides a supportive environment to practice, receive constructive feedback, and grow as a communicator.

    1. How do I know if your coaching is right for me?

    Book a free 15-minute consultation via Zoom to discuss your needs and what you want to achieve.  Then I’ll send you a proposal based on our discussion. If you are happy with the plan, we can start working together.

    2. Will your coaching help me overcome 'Stage Fright'?


    We never jump in at the deep end – we progress in ‘baby steps’ focusing on four main areas to build your confidence step by step.

    Message – identifying the reason why you are speaking and how your words will transform your audience.

    Structure – creating the roadmap that ensures your message flows seamlessly to a logical conclusion.

    Stories – adding the human touch with relatable stories and anecdotes that hook your audience.

    Practice – through multiple iterations, crafting the message, structure and stories into a transformational experience.

    3. Do you only work with experienced speakers?

    Not at all.

    From TEDx speakers to people who too shy to even say hello to strangers, I’ve worked with people at every stage of their public speaking journey.

    Every coaching session is tailored to your individual needs. However, whatever your experience, one thing is the same – we work in a safe and supportive environment at a pace that suits you. 

    4. Can you write a speech for me?

    I no longer work as a ghostwriter.

    What I do is more like being a script doctor – working with you on a draft you have already created. Using Zoom and Google Docs, we work together ‘live’. This has the advantage of you being able to see immediately if the edits are congruent with your tone of voice and the structure of the piece – no more going back and forth with time-consuming draft versions.

    As we work I can even coach you on delivery techniques and write ‘stage directions’ (“Pause here”, “Emphasise this word”, “Speed up here”, etc) to help you with delivery. 

    5. What if English is not my first language?

    I have more than 20 years’ experience as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) lecturer. I have taught public speaking skills to school children, university students and business people from all around the world so I understand different cultural approaches to public speaking. 

    Public Speaking Coaching Packages

    1-1 Coaching Package (4 hours)

    Flexible, 1-1 coaching sessions based around your goals and your timetable are the perfect way to get the targeted help you need.                        Start your transformation now.

    Company Workshops

    Bespoke half-day or full-day workshops, in-company, online or hybrid. These fun interactive workshops are perfect for skills development and team-building.

    Online Public Workshops

    I run occasional 3-hour workshops on Eventbrite. These fun, interactive events are based on the One-minute Public Speaking Template.            Beware – there is homework!

    About Me

    I worked in a wide variety of jobs (including marketing and finance) before moving into the education sector. I started out as an English language teacher but branched out into a wide variety of activities – CV trainer, Cambridge examiner, teacher trainer for major international organisations  such as the British Council, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, ghostwriter, speechwriter, blogger, video maker, spoof website builder, education consultant.

    But the one thing I always enjoyed the most was helping people to improve their public speaking skills and, as so many of the people I was working with were foreigners, it also led me into the area of intercultural communication.

    Which is why I am here – to help you, wherever you are from in the world, whichever language you speak, to communicate more effectively and have a more successful and fulfilling life.


    “Great to work with! Exceeded my expectations. Given the tight timeline I had, I’m happy Martin was there to help!”

    J.M. Toronto

    Could not have asked for a better professional. Martin was a delight to work with . . .                                 

    Highly recommended.

    T.D. London

    “Martin helped me through a lot of difficult situations and talks. I can recommend him 100% for public speaking training.”

    M.A. Munich