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1-1 Coaching

Important Message to Share, But Can’t Seem to Make the Impact You Want?

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling invisible.

The feeling that people are ignoring what you are are saying.

Often this can be because you don’t structure your message in an impactful way. Or your delivery lacks confidence. It could even be that you are talking to the wrong audience.

With 1-1 Coaching we can quickly establish the roadblocks to success and work together to create the transformation you desire.

My 1-1 Approach

We generally work together in real time on a shared Google Doc containing a text that you want to deliver. As we work through it, I incorporate micro trainings based on what we observe needs improving. This can be anything from storytelling to structure, delivery techniques, developing your Call to Action, how to overcome stage fright – whatever will help you become a better public speaker.

While we agree a long-term action plan before we begin our sessions together, it is important to be flexible and pivot whenever we find an area that needs more in-depth attention.

And all this training is based completely on what YOU specifically need. We don’t follow a generic progamme where a lot of the material is irrelevant. 

Why 1-1 Coaching?


Bespoke Sessions

1-1 coaching is tailored to your own personal needs and goals so our sessions are very targeted and effective.

Detailed feedback

We can identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop the self-awareness you need to transform your communication skills.


Your Coach as a Success Partner

When you have somebody who measures the ‘gain’ and celebrates every little success it pushes your motivation to another level.


A Safe, Confidential Space

1-1 sessions are all about what you need and we can always pivot from the plan if something more pressing comes up. If, for example, one day, you want to kick off a session just letting off steam about an annoying colleague or a client, I am happy to be a sounding board / confidante.

    Company Workshops

    Develop Your Team’s Communication Skills with Fun, Interactive Workshops Tailored to Your Organisation. 

    •  Build Confidence, Banish Stage Fright, Make Public Speaking Fun
    • Develop More effective Internal And External Communication
    • Use Your Team’s Creativity to Crowdsource Impactful Brand Stories
    • Boost team Spirit and Yourt ‘Public Speaking Competitive Advantage’

    Give Your Team The Public Speaking Competitive Advantage

    Is your team communicating effectively?

    Do they need a creative outlet for their ideas? 

    Does your company’s team spirit need a boost?

    When an organisation speaks with one voice, and the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, it creates trust among all your stakeholders.

    When that voice is also articulate and persuasive, it gives your organisation the ‘Public Speaking Competitive Advantage’.

    Your brand equity increases, clients are more likely to ‘know, like and trust you’ and your team feel happier and more empowered. 

    Why Bespoke Public Speaking Workshops?

     Bespoke Sessions Are More Effective

    Using pre-workshop questionnaires and micro interviews as a basis, all activities and exercises are based on the actual work your team members do. And the programme is not set in stone. If a major client project or communication issue crops up in the days before the workshop – let’s pivot and address it!

     Detailed Instant Feedback

    Throughout the workshop attendees are encouraged to identify how the activities apply to their role and practise them with colleagues to get instant targeted feedback. This also serves to develop the self-awareness needed to transform your communication and public speaking skills

    Team Members Becoming Success Partners

    When you have fellow team members acting as your daily cheerleaders who measure the ‘gain’ and celebrate every little success, it pushes your motivation to another level.

     A Safe, Confidential Forum For Ideas

    Bespoke workshops are all about what best serves the needs of your teams and we encourage frank, open discussions about every topic and activity. Though there will be core activities to cover there is enough flexibility in the programme to pivot during the course of the day to explore some areas in more depth.




    My Workshop Approach

    Three of the main reasons why many one-off workshops aren’t ‘sticky’

    1. Attendees come into the workshop ‘cold’, with very little preparation.

    2. Participants are given generic materials to work with that are not always relevant to their duties.

    3.There is little follow-up or support to ensure outcomes are achieved, resulting in little impact on the attendee’s performance.

    These issues inform my approach to workshops. Using pre-workshop questionnaires and micro meetings we can identify the areas your teams need to work on (and they’re not always the ones that you have identified yourself!).

    Then we build the workshop based on these needs. This helps create ‘buy-in’ and anticipation among the attendees.  Attendees also have pre-workshop and post-workshop homework to make sure we use our contact time efficiently, with a bespoke Training Support Journal as their record of learning and achievement.


    “Great to work with! Exceeded my expectations. Given the tight timeline I had, I’m happy Martin was there to help!”

    J.M. Toronto

    Could not have asked for a better professional. Martin was a delight to work with . . .                                 

    Highly recommended.

    T.D. London

    “Martin helped me through a lot of difficult situations and talks. I can recommend him 100% for public speaking training.”

    M.A. Munich